So who are Young Gbabez and Saint Jak the Broken? Dumb question. Obviously it’s Gaurav and Jakov. But who are Gaurav and Jakov? Even dumber question. It’s us. Obviously.

On the real, though, we started this podcast because people have always let us know that our banter was really funny. We can really just talk about anything.

Look at these kids. Look at them! They’re beautiful, damnit!


The podcast itself has undergone a myriad of changes since its inception. We started off by focusing on one topic and breaking it down into smaller segments. We then decided to switch up our format completely, which can be best summed up by the words at the back of our business cards:

“Jakov and Gaurav answer life’s big and small questions while trying to find out the meaning of life. Or something like that…”

That’s when we underwent our most dramatic change: video podcasting.

The podcast itself will continue to evolve as we find our footing. Yung Gbabez and Saint Jak on the other hand? We’ll just get stronger, better, faster, and more handsome. And smarter. And richer… Or at least less poor.

Now let me tell you what we want, what we really, really want. We want you guys to reach out to us. Give us some feedback. What’d you find really funny? What’d you learn? Is there anything we got wrong? Are there any questions you want us to tackle?

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