On The Young Wisdom Podcast, Jakov and Gaurav (aka Saint Jak the Broken and GBaby) answer life’s big and small questions while trying to find out the meaning of life. Or something like that… Today, we discuss one of life’s big questions: Are we living in a simulation? In today’s episode, St. Jak aka the Question Master (#questionmaster) and GBaby are beginning to believe… as they talk about Hannibal Buress, The Matrix, and Rick and Morty in the Sweat Lodge. You can find all our episodes on Google Play, iTunes, and our website (www.YWpodcast.com). Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook (Young Wisdom Podcast), Instagram (@youngwisdompodcast), and Twitter (@youngwisdom_pod)! If you feel like it, please check out our Patreon page @ patreon.com/youngwisdompodcast!  

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